2 competitors, 16 RSF Season Veterans and 16 Rookies to the RSF Franchise will travel to the Caribbean to battle it out in a series of mission and head-to-head battles in the Gauntlet where one team will outlast.

But it is a Gauntlet with many twists and turns.

At the end of the day, you won't be sure what is more important: teamwork or individual standing.

You will all discover the answer to that question in RSF Season 11: The Gauntlet!

*Teams were chosen based on a question in the applications. Those on the Red Team believe Team Standing and playing for the team is more important in the game. Those on the Blue Team believe Individual Standing and playing for the individual is more important in the game.

**Veterans have appeared in at least 2 previous RSF Seasons. Rookies have appeared in 0 or 1 previous RSF Seasons.

Red Team
Player Finish Status
punx193 RUNNER UP Veteran
DanieleD RUNNER UP Rookie
Leonine_Divine RUNNER UP Rookie
turney1805 Round 15 Veteran
Caliboy Round 15 Rookie
sarge455 Round 14 Veteran
joshg222 Round 12 Rookie
Dash Round 11 Veteran
Insanity17 Round 9 Veteran
kaylee21 Round 8 Rookie
XJamzX Round 7 Rookie
Timster Round 4 Veteran
aiwfwyattroh Round 3 Veteran
aerothunder Round 2 Veteran
blueu22 QUIT Rookie
bad18life Round 1 Rookie

Blue Team
Player Finish Status
Spinner554 WINNER Veteran
BBlover96 WINNER Veteran
nbkiller WINNER Veteran
jimboslice WINNER Rookie
splozojames50 WINNER Rookie
Austinsscott WINNER Rookie
michael222 Round 15 Veteran
Danielvk Round 15 Rookie
taylor112399 Round 14 Rookie
Jordonk Round 13 Veteran
rapboy Round 10 Rookie
snels66 Round 7 Veteran
jharrin7887 Round 6 Veteran
benner_2304 Round 5 Rookie
etaco75 QUIT Rookie