The RSF Series Franchise began more than 2 years ago.

Now we move on to the next chapter of the RSF Franchise.

167 people have competed in the RSF Franchise.

38 people have been RSF Season Finalists.

23 people have been crowned RSF Season Champions.

After an intense past, it is time for the most intense season yet.

It is time to put up or shut up.

20 people will travel to the lush land of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where they will battle it out in a season full of intense competition, difficult challenges, social politics, drama like no other, and battle for social hierarchy.

It is the season you have all been waiting for....

Be prepared for




RSF Season 17: The Duel!!!

Player Finish
ofl1998 WINNER
Millzipede RUNNER UP
splozojames50 THIRD
coltsfan876 4th
nbkiller 5th
BBlover96 6th^
AlextheGod 7th
Maicolx3 8th
cheese98 9th
themysterious2634 10th
finklestein123 11th^
cheese98 OUT (RETURNS)
bubba3 12th
michael222 13th
Missalice3 14th^
jimboslice 15th
Mybash_ 16th
RawrDino 17th
BlakeIsBack 18th^
Florina 19th
BassAbsol 20th

^This player received 3 inactive strikes