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RSF Season 1: Moolah Beach

20 people paired up and worked together to win missions to win the VERY FIRST RSF Season, Moolah Beach

Moolah Beach Placements
Color Partner 1 Partner 2 Finish
Blue talldude_103 bobcatmascot16 10th
Brown black0ut247 Diva1 9th
Black gxvgxv94 brittanyfierce 8th
Yellow BB5lover tinydancer 7th
Gold Survivor8 Leacroft 6th
Pink turney1805 Yingyang 5th
Gray austino15fffan QueenDoe 4th
Green alexfl Selene365 3rd
Red Tykeal LilAngelBaby 2nd
Orange BOBROCKS333 ohhayy 1ST