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RSF Season 7: Fresh Meat

28 People will travel to Auckland. 14 RSF Veterans and 14 Fresh Meat Players, new to the RSF series. They will pair off where one pair will eventually win it all.

Color RSF Veteran Fresh Meat Finish
Red rt72 Armorous 14th
Purple BBlover96 BestHeroD 13th
White thecoolyest splozojames50 12th
Orange Survivor8


  • Orginially Gold
Black Insanity17 bearpatrol 10th
Brown gxvgxv94 BadBoyzClub 9th
Light Green titan24maniac Spinner554 8th
Gold johnoliver96


  • Originally Orange
Gray Mybash bingo21 6th
Pink redjean Caliboy 5th
Yellow turney1805 Timster 4th
Silver LilAngelBaby dylanjay 2nd
Green sarge455 jharrin7887 2nd
Blue BOBROCKS333 Nelson 1ST

Draft Order
Pick Veteran Fresh Meat Color
1 BOBROCKS333 Nelson Blue
2 titan24maniac Spinner554 Light Green
3 turney1805 Timster Yellow
4 Mybash bingo21 Gray
5 sarge455 jharrin7887 Green
6 thecoolyest splozojames50 White
7 johnoliver96 tennisguy1414 Gold
8 gxvgxv94 BadBoyzClub Brown
9 redjean Caliboy Pink
10 Insanity17 bearpatrol Black
11 Survivor8 Dusty12910 Orange
12 LilAngelBaby dylanjay Silver
13 BBlover96 BestHeroD Purple
14 rt72 Armorous Red

Game Summary
Round Challenge Winners Winner's Choice for Exile Voted Into Exile Exile Winners Exile Losers
1 redjean/Caliboy *rt72/Armorous titan24maniac/Spinner554 titan24maniac/Spinner554 rt72/Armorous
2 turney1805/Timster BBlover96/BestHeroD johnoliver96/tennisguy1414 johnoliver96/tennisguy1414 BBlover96/BestHeroD
3 turney1805/Timster johnoliver96/tennisguy1414 thecoolyest/splozojames50 johnoliver96/tennisguy1414 thecoolyest/splozojames50
4 gxvgxv94/BadBoyzClub Survivor8/Dusty12910 -- -- **Survivor8/tennisguy1414
5 BOBROCKS333/Nelson Insanity17/bearpatrol titan24maniac/Spinner554 titan24maniac/Spinner554 Insanity17/bearpatrol
6 titan24maniac/Spinner554 turney1805/Timster gxvgxv94/BadBoyzClub turney1805/Timster gxvgxv94/BadBoyzClub
7 BOBROCKS333/Nelson redjean/Caliboy titan24maniac/Spinner554 redjean/Caliboy titan24maniac/Spinner554
8 turney1805/Timster johnoliver96/Dusty12910 LilAngelBaby/dylanjay LilAngelBaby/dylanjay johnoliver96/Dusty12910
9 BOBROCKS333/Nelson Mybash/bingo21 redjean/Caliboy redjean/Caliboy Mybash/bingo21
10 LilAngelBaby/dylanjay sarge455/jharrin7887 redjean/Caliboy sarge455/jharrin7887 redjean/Caliboy
11 BOBROCKS333/Nelson
      • sarge455/jharrin7887
      • turney1805/Timster
-- sarge455/jharrin7887 turney1805/Timster
12 -- -- -- RUNNER UPS



-- -- -- WINNERS BOBROCKS333/Nelson
  • For being the last team to be formed in the draft, rt72 and Armorous were automatically sent into Exile.
    • Survivor8 and tennisguy1414 both quit the game. Thus their partners, johnoliver96 and Dusty12910 were put together to form a new pair.
      • BOBROCKS333 and Nelson got to choose both teams to enter into Exile.